Tea Party for Neighbours Helping Neighbours FoodBank

Tea Party For Neighbours Helping Neighbours for the benefit of Tatamagouche FoodBank.

July has always always been a busy month for myself and family; no knitting at all (my fingers really enjoyed the rest). For the past 4 years our family held a Tea Party as a fundraiser for Neighbours Helping Neighbours, a local charity who runs the FoodBank in our village of Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. The setting, as always, is my twin sister’s backyard in the Village.
There were grapes, crackers and cheese as the first course, followed by sandwiches of white bread or Italian buns; deserts consisted of mini cheesecake and a soda/ice cream sundae bar. Refreshments were tea, coffee, lemonade, and punch.
As was done on the past tickets to the event were sold within the community. Guests could then buy a string of ten tickets at the door for $5.00 which they then use to pick / bid on items on displayed by placing one or more ticket in the bag in front of the item(s) they are trying to win.

Bidders could buy as many tickets as they liked. At the end on the event, one winning ticket is drawn from the “hat” for each item, and the item is presented to the owner of that ticket. In addition there was a some larger item which available for a silent auction; highest bidder winning.

In all while attendance was down a bit, some regular attendees had other commitments, the amount raised was on par with previous years. A total of $1260.00 was raised this year for the benefit of Neighbours Helping Neighbours to assist those in need. Over the past four tea parties a total of close to $5,000.00 has been raised though the support of our great community.

There are always charities in every community that depend on the generosity of individuals; be it their time or their monetary support.

Thank you to those who helped serve at the event; your service is always appreciated and needed.

Our family believes that everyone should give back to their community to the best of their abilities. There are always, in every community, active charities fundraising or seek individuals to volunteer. Please look around your village, town or city to find a group which represents/protects the interests that you hold close. Sometimes your personal time helping would be more valuable than a cash donation.

I am including some of the comments that were posted on Facebook: What’s Going On In Tatamagouche…

“Thank you for having us. Looking forward to the next one. “

“I want to give a big shout out to Leanne Roberts and family for all the hard work they put into a lovely tea today ! What a amazing amount of time and effort put into a great cause ! I will be making sure I attend every yr as it was a really lovely afternoon.”

“My first time there, will definitely go again!”

A good time had by all
A guest at our tea party.

Another year, another tea party; some new faces and a lot returning  friends and supporters of Neighbours Helping Neighbours.

Thanks to all!

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